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Year in Review 2009

Year in Review

2009 was filled with headlines: "Swine Flu, Iranian Election, the Rise of Social Networking, the Economic Meltdown, and the 'King of POP' dies under a cloud of controversy."  This past year seems to stand out as a dramatic example of the uncertain nature of the world around us.   We've seen our 401Ks plummet while the number of 'friends' on Facebook climbed almost daily.  Our homes, schools, and churches have been amply stocked with Purell hand sanitizer and watched as the swine flu seemed to affect us all.

Yet, the question we MUST ask is this: What have we learned?  How can we leverage the drama of 2009 into a more desirable future?  Join us beginning November 28/29 as Brandon Thomas shows us God's perspective on life's most dramatic headlines in the new series YEAR in REVIEW.



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