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What is Upgrade weekend?

June 2/3

Upgrade weekend is coming June 2/3! This is an exciting time of the year when we move all our Keystone kids up to their new class based on the school grade they will be entering this fall. If your child is not yet school age, we group them based on what year they will enter kindergarten. Some of our kids will be moving to a totally new experience designed JUST for them! Please arrive early for Check In on the weekend of June 2/3 to give our team a chance to make sure every kid is in the correct area.

The BIG MOVES to take note of are:


Big changes are coming this year as we Upgrade in our Keystone preschool area! Our current Tiny Campers class will be relocating into the Little Campers area. They will continue to have an excellent experience perfect for their age and developmental stage. We are creating an entirely new worship experience for all of our incoming Kindergartners. They will be moving into our new K Camp class which will be located in the back hallway in the current Tiny Campers room.

  • Tiny Campers move to Chipmunks: Your child upgrades when they turn 2 years old.

  • Chipmunks move to Cubs:  Your child upgrades when they turn 3 and are potty trained.

  • Cubs move to Raccoons: Your child upgrades if they turn 4 by September 1, 2018.

  • Raccoons move to K Camp: Your child upgrades if your child enters Kindergarten in August 2018.

  • Eagles move to Camp Keystone: Your child upgrades to CAMP KEYSTONE if your child enters 1st grade in August 2018.


  • 4th grade to 5th grade: Your child upgrades from CAMP KEYSTONE to the LODGE. The Lodge meets in the log cabin just behind the main building.

  • 6th grade to 7th grade: Your child upgrades from the LODGE into our KEYSTONE STUDENTS ministry. This means on the weekend they will attend the worship service in the main Auditorium and may volunteer in our kids areas. They have an incredible experience just for them every Wednesday night. Check out our Students page to see more about what goes on for our 7th through 12th graders.

Questions? Feel free to call the church office at 817-431-8800 or email