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Once Upon a Time


There's nothing quite like a fairytale love story... the romance, the intrigue, and maybe a little scandal. This February, we?re digging in to one of the greatest biblical love stories in Song of Solomon. This is a hope-inspiring, life-giving story about relationships. This is a story of love (love had and love hoped for). But for us the story is not over. The characters are still being developed. There are still chapters to be written. Marriage is designed by God to be a lifelong covenant, a forever love affair. The story of your marriage (or future marriage) will go beyond your imagination when you focus on the timeless truths in the Bible regarding relationships.

In this series we will cover important topics like:

How to Attract and Be Attractive
Dealing with Distractions
Sex and Intimacy
Fighting Fair
Experiencing Lasting Love
How to Communicate

Travel back in time with us for a practical series on marriage, sex and dating in our new series, Once Upon a Time.



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