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1711 Keller Pkwy
Keller, TX, 76248
United States

(817) 431-8800



Do you ever feel overloaded? Stretched to the limit? You can’t sleep at night because you are thinking about the stack of bills? Or maybe you always feel worn out, over scheduled, underfunded and overspent? You might have lost that precious commodity: MARGIN. When we regain our margin, we find space for rest, family and financial peace. Without margin, you have no room for error in these most important areas of your life.

In our summer series, MARGIN, pastor Brandon Thomas will walk us through God’s design for money, time and rest. He will show us how to find rhythm in our lives and discover the blessing of MARGIN. The benefits can be good health, financial stability, fulfilling relationships and availability for God’s purpose.

Everyone is challenged with money, time or rest. So bring a friend that can be encouraged too. Who you BRING, you BLESS.



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