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(817) 431-8800

Flip This Life

Flip This Life

Has your life been turned upside down? Would you love to FLIP it back to a better place? Perhaps you've had some of these thoughts..."My life is going in the wrong direction." "I wish I could turn my life around." "I desperately need a change."

It seems that everywhere we turn there are encouraging voices saying: "Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps." "Be the change." "Be all you can be!" "You can do ANYTHING once you set your mind to it" "YOU are the only lid to your potential!"

These phrases may be encouraging, but they leave us asking the MOST important question... "HOW?"

How can you transition from WANTING more to ACHIEVING more? Is it possible to realize God's BEST for your life this new year?

In "FLIP THIS LIFE," we will explore how God can REALLY unlock your potential for true change on a daily basis. We will discover a new way to live from the bible that leads us to be the person we could only imagine.

Take a risk. Join us as we FLIP THIS LIFE!



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