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Ecclesiastes 8:1 "Wisdom lights up a person’s face, softening its harshness."

Have you ever considered the power of your countenance? The face is an ever-changing billboard, signaling our attitudes and emotions. We seek connection with others as we read their faces. If we're embarrassed, we hide our face in our hands with childlike simplicity, if we feel shame, we won't look others in the eye.

Beginning July 10 & 11, Brandon Thomas will launch a new series of messages that will radically improve your countenance. While our culture attempts to fix the face from the outside, he will share timeless truths beginning inside the core of your being. When you address the heart, it shines through your countenance.

Over several weeks we will explore several countenance killers: pride, selfishness, shame, fear, lust... to name just a few. We will also discover the key to a KILLER COUNTENANCE! You won't want to miss a weekend as we all go through our own personal FACE LIFT!



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