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Copywriter/Content writer - comes up with the ideas and words (the "copy") that get the church’s message across in a clear and compelling way. Projects may include developing eye-catching copy or slogans for mailers, brochures, or billboards to promote a sermon series or a special event, or assisting with drafting letters or other communications to share information.

This will involve working with church staff members, church ministry team members, other creative team members, and special-events teams to generate or assist in drafting engaging and informative copy.

Copy Editor/Proofreader - reviews and edits copy, including some rewriting, to improve the structure and flow of the text, ensuring the copy is free of errors, concise, easy to read, and fits the church’s style.

This will involve working with church staff members and creative team copy writers to examine and edit written copy.

While having a degree in English, Journalism, Advertising, or Marketing is advantageous, an aptitude for writing and/or proofreading is what is required. Experience in a related field or industry is a plus..

If you have a passion for writing or consider yourself a grammarian, this may be the creative outlet and service opportunity for you!

Copywriters and Copyeditors should have a broad vocabulary that allows them to select just the right turn of phrase or hone in on the precise word to convey the intention of the project.

Copy Editors/Proofreaders should have a strong knowledge of punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Considerations that the creative team member should keep in mind include:

  • the church’s reputation and mission.
  • the nature of the product for which the copy is being produced and the message the church wants to convey through that copy.
  • careful word choice with a sensitivity to social and cultural trends to avoid causing offense or confusing readers with bad phrasing. 

Team members must possess the ability to work with tight deadlines and timing constraints, so the ability to think and produce under pressure and manage time well/meet deadlines is important.

Team members will be responsible for communicating the progress of a project with staff members and creative team leads.

Knowledge of digital media is a plus.

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